About this blog

Welcome to the work of Pete Atkinson.

Over the years this blog has evolved greatly in purpose, style and substance. With Facebook now home to all diary-like updates, holiday snaps and frivolous drivel, it has become possible to leave exposed this blog's more serious core: the moments when Pete scratches his head and ponders and invites you to do the same.

Begun in 2005, originally as a means of communication between close family and friends, the archive of this blog covers some of the most formative years in Pete's life, journeying from pre-University to post. As a result some of the opinions expressed will almost certainly have developed since. Indeed, by acting as an outlet for experimentation the very experience of writing and publishing posts has helped in the continuous process of shaping thoughts and provoking further explorations and questions.

Because we never stop being shaped.
We never stop exploring.
We never stop asking questions.
Because the more we question, the stronger our faith.