Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Rescue Mission - First Published Review

The Rescue Mission, by Pete Atkinson.

This is an extraordinary book, tackling the seemingly impossible task of prĂ©cising the Bible. To my mind the author achieves this in a creative and imaginative way. The narrative of the book is in 201 pages, the text of my Bible takes over 1200 pages. As I read on, I found it hard to put down, and each changing scene and storyline took the form of a drama acted out
in my mind.

From Creation to the Revelation, Pete moves back and forth through time and events, with tantalizing hints for the future, and explanations of the past. The anchor for the story is a neglected and dilapidated building through which we the readers, join the explorers and pick up the beginning of the cohesive thread which will take us through to the very end of a
massive story.

The Bible consists of many types of book and story, some brutal and ugly, some poetic and
lovely. Both the bald brutality, and the poetry and beauty, are here in Pete’s narrative. The modern style and lay out of the book complement this carefully crafted enterprise. At the heart of this book is love and relationship and I found the imagery of the mystery and nature of God quite compelling and unforgettable.

The Rescue Mission is heart breaking, and full of love and hope, and might take you into
2013 with determination and confidence.

Written for Steyning Parish Magazine, February 2013. Republished here with permission.
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