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'The Rescue Mission' by Pete Atkinson - Reviews

Praise for ‘The Rescue Mission’ by Pete Atkinson

'Pete Atkinson's telling of the overarching narrative of the Bible is a fascinating and enthralling read. His poetic imagination gives us glimpses into the minds and hearts of the many of the biblical characters. The author explores the anger and grief of the three persons of the Trinity as the people of God respond to God's overtures of love and his desire for an intimate relationship with his people. We ride the roller coaster with Biblical characters as they walk closely and faithfully with God for a while, walk away in fear and rebellion and then return in repentance and faith. The tensions between sovereignty and responsibility, justice and mercy, and the discipline and delight of God in relation to his people are powerfully conveyed. We are caught up in the amazing drama and strong emotions of the story. I have been a believer for many years and I found it hard to put down this dramatic summary and retelling of the story. It helped me, in a new way, to connect my story with the larger biblical story of redemption.'
Dr. Richard Winter, Professor of Practical Theology at Covenant Theological Seminary

'Dramatic. Lively. Well-informed. Pete Atkinson's retelling of the Bible story is different from many others already available and whether used as a script for public performance or read privately, its vitality will engage people. They'll learn the individual stories, their setting and the big story all at the same time. I enjoyed reading this book and I'm sure you will too.'
Dr. Derek Tidball, Board Member for the Evangelical Alliance, Former Principal of London School of Theology and Former President of the Baptist Union

'This book is dangerous, in a good way. You thought you knew how God views his rescue mission throughout history, but perhaps you don't understand the mind of God as well as you thought. Read this book to experience another perspective on how God sees His world.'
Dr. Michael Schluter CBE, Chief Executive of Relationships Global

'The Rescue Mission by Pete Atkinson is a fresh, imaginative, dramatic and partly poetic presentation of the Biblical account of the history of mankind and God’s love. It is very creative while remaining loyal to the meaning of the Biblical text. The energy and emotion of this book can bring the reader into a greater love for God. It will give Christians some new literary ways of conceiving of Biblical events and truths and possibly help with re-thinking some of them.’
Ellis Potter, Author of ‘Three Theories of Everything’ (2012, Destinee Media), Pastor of Basel Christian Fellowship

'Pete Atkinson has provided an invaluable tool in the wide perspective overview of the Bible. It will undoubtedly be an attractive read for those who as yet have no faith at all and are just interested.'
Ranald Macaulay, Author of 'Being Human' (1998, IVP), Son-in-law of Francis Schaeffer

‘As a published author I know how hard it is to come up with an original approach to well-handled material. But Pete Atkinson has done it! This is an imaginative and novel approach to the greatest story ever told that will captivate those unfamiliar with its subject matter, and educate those who thought they were. It is a very unusual creative work - I’ve not come across anything like it before. I love the insights and connectivity of threads across scripture, and I commend it to your attention.’
Pete Gilbert, Author of ‘Kiss and Tell’ (2003, CWR) and ‘Walk the Walk’ (2004, CWR)

'Pete has a gripping writing style that is pacy, evocative and faithful to the original Bible texts (cited throughout). It's a great overview of the key themes of the Bible for new believers wanting to pull out the threads of grace that connect the Garden to Golgotha and beyond, and it's a breath of fresh air for the more mature Christian looking to be blown-away again by the saving power of God. I want to thank Pete for reminding us all of how an imaginative and faithful re-telling of this good news story can equip us all to be more compelling people as we share our faith and lead grace-filled lives that demand explanation.'
Dr. Stephen Taylor, Post-doctoral Researcher, Bi-fellow of Queens' College, Cambridge University

‘The Rescue Mission is a genre defying book: part epic, part poem, part drama, part novel, part commentary; it is genuinely original and radically imaginative. It tells the Bible story in a multi-perspectival way: God's, the Bible characters' and ours', which not only sharpens our understanding but engages our emotions at both the tragedy and the hope involved in the human drama. One of its real strengths is to give a dynamic overview from Genesis to Revelation so that we see how it all started and where it's going and how we can be part of it.’
Ian Cooper, English L’Abri, Tutor for Christian Heritage, Cambridge

'This is an imaginatively original and brilliantly executed piece of storytelling which presents the Bible as you've never read it before. If you've already read the Bible cover-to-cover, this novel will challenge and inform you - If you've never imagined yourself reading the Bible, this could be the start of a beautiful discovery. Ambitious, captivating, and definitely a worthwhile read.'
Dr. Simon Page, PhD from Cambridge University

Other readers are saying...

‘Makes Old Testament history come alive as never before – a totally fresh re-telling of God’s redemptive plan, which is at once absorbing, passionate and illuminating.’

‘What is truly unique about this book is that it not only condenses the message and history of Christianity into just 200 pages - an outstanding feat in itself - but it reveals many little known fascinating threads running throughout the Bible, which Pete Atkinson ties together in an original, distinctive and thoroughly enjoyable style.’

‘The Rescue Mission takes the complex and diverse narratives of the Bible and condenses them into a format which is stylish and easy to read. Readers are taken by the hand and guided through the ecstatic highs, crushing lows and unforeseen surprises that make the ‘greatest story ever told’ accessible to a modern audience. The short punchy chapters make for great bed-time reading … and it’s desperately moreish!’

‘The Rescue Mission is a compelling read, weaving together the narrative of the Bible into a fresh and imaginative novel which brilliantly illustrates the true character of God.’

‘This book is a must read! It is very accessible to a wide audience. It is the first Bible commentary I have read that has helped me clearly understand the content and connections between the Bible’s books and chapters.’

'Just finished reading this book - read most of it in 24 hours - couldn't put it down - such a brilliant read - thank you so so much for writing this! Have never read anything like it. Thank you.'

'It was so good I read it in one sitting and ordered six more copies for my friends.'

'You are in for a treat. The Rescue Mission sweeps through the story of Scripture with speed and skill.'


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