Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Bible in Miniature: A Tale of Two Trees

In the beginning.
The first humans had a choice.
One tree was called LIFE.
Fruit from the other tree 
brought DEATH.
                                                                           Choose life...
                                               Choose life…
                      Choose life…
The first humans did NOT choose life.

The people of Israel, the family of Abraham, they are in Egypt.
In Egypt they are slaves.
And as slaves they are hurting.
They are suffering. 
They are crying out in agony.
          When God hears their cries and rescues them.
                      With Moses’ help, God pulls them out of Egypt.
                                                  And leads them to the brink of paradise.
                                                                                   This paradise is a land 
with rivers and pools of water,
                                                                                   with springs that flow in the valleys and hills,
 a land that has wheat and barley,
vines, fig trees, pomegranates, olive oil and honey.
To quote Moses, this is a land where, 
And it is poised on the brink of paradise that Moses tells his nation,
‘Today I have given you a choice. 
It is a choice between life and death,
between blessings and curses.'
And Moses begs.
He pleads: ‘Now choose life!’

                                                                                Choose life...
                                                   Choose life...
                    Choose life... 

                            Jesus said, 'I have come that they may have life, 
                                      and have it to the full.'
                                                  But Jesus was captured.
                         And Jesus was tied to a tree.
And on that tree Jesus suffered.
He bled.
He hurt.
He cried out in agony.
And on that tree Jesus died.
The one who had said he had come to bring life.
He died.

Because after two nights of Jesus’ dead body being buried in the ground, 
life bursts forth from the grave.
Jesus defeats death.
Once and for all.
       And life, life in all its fullness, reigns victorious.

                                    Choose life…
                                                                Choose life…
                                                                                               Choose life…

Because in the Bible’s grand finale.
There is no more death
or mourning
or crying
or pain.

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