Sunday, September 12, 2010

This Time I Cleared Out The Cupboards

I have left home. For the second time.

Only this time I cleared out the cupboards.

It may have pulled at my heart but I managed it - I filled a black bin-bag with paperwork dating back to Primary School.

For one piece of paper however, nostalgia - the age-old arch nemesis of cupboard clear-outs - won out. Before screwing this piece of paper up into a ball, I decided to immortalise its contents on-line.

Don't get me wrong, I do not present the following article because of its quality. Written when I was 17, it is not particularly well structured or punctuated. For starters, there is an amusingly youthful overuse of exclamation marks!

Nope, the following is presented, unedited with warts and all, merely for the purpose of recording and storing memories. That and the faint possibility that you might find it mildly amusing and intriguing.

So this, my friends, in its full original 2003 glory, is a report on my interview to get into Cambridge University:

Butterflies in the stomach, shivers down the spine, head spinning; and that was a whole 24 hours before my interviews. I arrived at Churchill College in Cambridge at about 4pm and found my room after working my way through a maze of entwining corridors. So what do you do when the stress is becoming too much and you're on your own? My answer is you lie down and stick some of your favourite music on your mini disc! That was my answer over the whole two days (that and a few games of pool!) and I'm pleased to say it really did help me relax.

The first task on an action packed couple of days was a Maths aptitude test at 7 in the evening. We didn't really find out until the next day that the test was for use in one of the interviews, where they'd talk through our answers and methods! Anyway I came out of the test thinking I'd done alright and went back to my room, sent a few texts, listened to some more music and fell asleep in anticipation of a BIG day.

And when the nerves are beginning to go again when is the last time you want your interviews? 4 o'clock in the afternoon! But actually, looking back, it was the best time for me, because it meant I had to forget about Maths and find something else to do. During the day I played several games of cards, won a few games of pool and watched a re-run of the previous night's football. By 4 o'clock I had come out of my shell and was actually looking forward to the two maths interviews!

What an array of characters there are applying for a Maths place at Cambridge! One in particular stood out as he sat in the corner tapping away at his palm top in his Dennis Taylor glasses, scruffy hair, white trousers (that were too short) and pink socks! I also found another guy who was doing Further Further Maths which is 18 gorgeous Maths modules making 3 whopping A Levels! I'd love to have been in their interviews!

5 o'clock arrived and I came out of Churchill to be met by my Dad. I was pretty pleased as I left, having responded to, 'Have you any questions?' by setting my own Maths problem. I don't think the interviewer was ready for that!

And after all these exciting adventures I suppose you want to know whether I got a place or not? Well, I was rejected from Churchill but placed in the 'pool', which means any of the other colleges could have me if they want. I didn't think I'd hear anything but out of the blue I was ushered into Mrs Randall's office to be told by my Mum that Homerton College had offered me a place. A perfect result really, especially as I wasn't particularly impressed by Churchill. Well, what do you expect when the vending machine gets in the way of some of your pool shots!