Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Top 10 Blogging Moments of 2009

In 2006 I wrote 306 blog posts.
In 2009 it was just 25.
The main reason: all frivolous drivel, footy banter and party photos now find their home on Facebook.
Scraping away the trimmings has left exposed the blog's more serious core, the moments when I scratch my head and ponder and invite you to do the same.
And looking back over the past 12 months it appears that scraping away the trimmings has left exposed my captivation for the historical figure of Jesus. You might say I'm obsessed by him.
If that makes you feel uncomfortable, then I apologise. Click on.
But if it leaves you just a teeny bit intrigued, then I invite you to bravely dip your toe inside my top 10 blogging moments of 2009:

January 09 - How To Turn Down £500,000 A Week
March 09 - Jesus the Non-Christian
March 09 - I Resurrected Jesus
April 09 - Wake Up and Rave
April 09 - Nemo: The Prodigal Fish
June 09 - The Bible in Miniature: A Tale of Two Trees
August 09 - When Worlds Collide
October 09 - Pythagoras' Theorem: It Makes Me Wonder Why
December 09 - The Gladiator Who Defied An Empire

And some light relief to finish: here's a reminder of happier times back in March, when I could describe Liverpool football club as 'awesome'. Well, I couldn't leave the footy out completely, could I?!

Thanks for exploring with me in 2009. Our adventure continues in 2010.

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