Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nemo: The Prodigal Fish

5 years ago I first watched Finding Nemo and thought wow, that communicates to me about God. Since then I just haven't got tired of talking about it!
Last night, I decided that an audience of Cambridge students facing the onslaught of exam term was an appropriate setting to dig out my Nemo obsession once again. Only this time, for the first time, it was recorded.......
So here, for your entertainment, is an edited version of a talk that analyses the story of a Dad who searched the oceans to find his lost son, Nemo; and how this can impact our view of God.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Wake Up and Rave

Something doesn't quite feel right when morning begins as others continue to party the previous night away.

For the last 5 months this amusing sensation has greeted me on Saturday mornings as Radio 1's dance anthems wake me from my slumber at 5.15am.
A bowl of cheerios, a coffee and a rave later and I'm ready to get stuck into my weekly job, which I like to entitle, 'Media Co-ordinator.'

A better description would be 'Putting the magazine inserts into newspapers.'

Over the weeks I've developed a curious fascination pondering the great variety of newspaper headlines.
How does a paper choose which story to lead with?
What does their audience want to read about?
Do they want the focus on politics or poverty? Fashion or finance? Climate change or crime? or even celebrity?

There is incredible diversity across the papers. But what intrigues me the most are the swings between positivity and negativity.
While most leads are obviously sensationalist, some papers seem to be constantly doom and gloom, with others more frequently upbeat.

Even if they're covering the same story.

So not only is there a diversity of lead stories, there's also a range of perspectives within the stories.

Now I know the presence of diversity in this world is not exactly an earthshattering revelation. But as I sit on my knees and slide papers across the floor in the early hours of Saturday mornings I do find it strangely captivating.

Maybe even beautiful.

Or maybe that's the early morning cheerios, coffee and rave kicking in.