Saturday, January 03, 2009

Pete's Top Ten Blogging Highlights of 2008

Occasionally I find the blog a useful way to offload. Occasionally some thoughts tumble out in a readable fashion.
Which means friends, I have pleasure in presenting to you below some of my more successful moments of pondering from 2008.
Grab yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and have a good old nosey through the posts. Feel free to smile, laugh, appreciate, be stimulated, agree or disagree:

- The Pivotal Moment

- Jesus the Drunkard

- The Rejected Romantic

- Kenya Review

- Love is...

- Summer Blast: The Meal Deal

- How Do You Start a Revolution?

- Lost: Redemption

- A Cold and a Broken Hallelujah

- Joy: My 2 Minute Sermon

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