Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How To Turn Down £500,000 A Week

How can you turn down £500,000 a week? Kaka's decision has shocked the world of football.
Despite having to drop to playing for Man City, how can you turn down £500,000 a week!!!? Surely no-one can!?
Kaka - who's never been one to shy away from expressing his beliefs(!) - explained his decision like this:
"I believe I have made the right choice.

To have gone to Manchester City could have been a great project but in the past few days I have prayed a lot to understand what the right team would be and in the end I have decided to remain here.

I don't want anything else, I just want to be well and be happy in the place where people love me."

With stupid money dangled in front of his nose, it seems Kaka decided he prioritised other aspects of life over money. And somehow this decision - which concludes the most astonshing transfer story in football history - was settled on during a private session of prayer.

Now that shocks, baffles and challenges me just as much as it does you.

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