Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Randomness Banana

Another one bites the dust. 2008 is in it's final hours and every piece of media is doing their review of the year. Mostly it'll be Obama or the Olympics ... which is nice.
Tomorrow I'll wrap up 2008 in my own regular style with the annual blogging highlights compilation. It's been a year that's seen much of the blogs randomness going by the wayside, with focus shifting away from quantity onto ... well, an attempt at the other.

But you'll have to wait til tomorrow for the joy of highlights, cos I couldn't let Christmas pass by on the blog without sharing my most chuckleworthy experience of the festive period:

It's Christmas day at church and as is now tradition, the kids are up the front showing off their presents. You know, xbox games and the like.
Then one youngster grabs the mic and says in the cutest voice, 'this is my banana what i got for christmas.'
She held up the banana with great pride. I thought it would light up or make a noise or something.
But no it was just a banana!!

Love it. Have a great night everyone. Let's celebrate randomness.

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