Thursday, December 18, 2008

Joy - The 2 Minute Sermon (City Life Church, Cambridge)

It's 11:58. There's only 2 minutes left in a sunday morning church gathering. Normally someone will be nearing the end of a half hour preach and everyone else is breathing a sigh of relief. But on this occasion the talk hadn't even started!
What should you do?

Erm, probably not this!!!

The funny thing is I'd only been asked to speak for 5 mins before Tim, the church leader's main talk. But now everyone thinks I managed to pack a half hour talk into 2 minutes!!

What a surreal experience.

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing message you brought, Pete. The fact that you only had 2 minutes makes it even more special - and well done for getting the message across! Watch this man for the next sermon!

Hope your teaching practice is going well.

God bless,

Auntie C