Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh, rubbish!

An alternative working title for this blog post could be, 'The new adventures of the house tenant with responsibilities.'

Let me take you back to last Wednesday morning. I'm lying in bed with the early morning radio for company. An irritating rumbling noise starts up outside.
I roll over, burying the face further into the pillow.

Then the realisation.
Oh, rubbish!
That's the binmen and I haven't put the bins out!!
Roll over.
Can't I just ignore it this week?
No, the bins are overflowing already.
Shove the body out of bed. Slip on some jeans and the nearest hoodie. Open the front door.
Oh, rubbish!
I've missed it. The lorry is heading in the wrong direction.

But hang on. Maybe I can catch the men up.

So I take the plunge. Lugging the bin behind me, an awkward shuffle down the road begins.
On reaching the destination, the binmen can't resist a quick quip:

'Hey, nice slippers mate.'

Not my best ever start to a Wednesday.