Friday, August 08, 2008

Summer Blasting - Would You Like Fries With That?

The Meal Deal. The Complete Package.

For me, that's what stands out from this years Summer Blast. By combining with other churches we had a wider spread of qualities. In particular (allow me to exaggerate and indulge in some cringe-worthy Hollywood-ised language) the natural and supernatural came together. It was like Batman and Superman joining forces. 'The Dark Knight', by the way: excellent film. But you know that already.

I digress.

Let me explain with two personal stories from the week:

One afternoon I got the opportunity to give out free tea and coffee to shoppers, simply with the intention of helping people out. At 3 in the afternoon, we got chatting to a very jolly guy, and by jolly I mean drunk. Through his slurred words, we made out that the guy was asking us for a lift home. So in a rather strange scenario, we agreed to head towards the car.
Simple. Nothing earth-shattering. But the guy appreciated it.

That evening I sat listening to some Christians do their singing thing, and got chatting to a young chap in a Liverpool shirt. We talked tactics. We talked signings. We talked Robbie Fowler. I loved it. Eventually I thought I'd better ask what this trendy teenager was doing sitting in an old church building?
The response astounded me. 'In the park on Monday I met some of your Summer Blast friends. My mates dared me to get prayed for, cos I was on crutches having injured my ankle and could be out of footy for a long time. As you can see, now I no longer need the crutches. So I thought tonight I'd better come and see what the fuss was about.'

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Joel Gill said...

awesome... that's so exciting Pete!