Friday, July 25, 2008

Memoirs of Baptiso

I still go on Facebook every day, eager to receive a wall post or a tagging, but it's rare that anything ultra exciting happens on there any more. Ok, so there's currently a new look to explore. But what else? One notification that made me smile this week, was news of a friend at home being baptised.

The event invite reminds me of when I went through a similar experience exactly five years ago. Getting baptised meant a lot back then, at the age of 17. I don't remember it being a super-spiritual moment. But I do remember a shy teenager plucking up the courage to publicly declare that I wanted to put God as the number one priority in my life. The event stands as a marker in the ground, symbolising a journey of experiences and thought-processes, that led me to conclude there really is a Creator who cares for me intimately.

Five years on, the journey continues. The searching continues. Maybe now I actually have more questions than I did five years ago. But that's a good thing. Cos the one thing that really matters, I am even more convinced of: my Rescuer really does care for me intimately.

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