Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Call Me Stupid or Something

I must have heard it quoted over a thousand times. Phrases such as, 'most famous' or 'most meaningful' are usually uttered before its use. The codeword '3:16' is enough to get most Jesus fans on the same wavelength.

'For God so loved the world...' It's a fundamental belief: God=Love. If there was an introductory handbook to Christianity this would be on page one.

But when you hear something so many times it's easy to not actually think about its meaning. If you don't inspect something yourself you'll never really grasp why everyone else raves about it. Call me stupid or something, but I've only just found out, 'For God so loved the world...' is a direct quote from Jesus!

'...That he gave his only son.' So - would you believe it - Jesus is actually talking about himself. Suddenly the infamous verse takes on a new twist. Call me stupid or something, but I'd always assumed the line was simply a narrative explanation from the biography author, John.

Through a simple piece of self-exploration one of my fundamental beliefs can be looked at from a revitilized new angle; it has new life.

I'm learning that you should never assume you've got it sussed. Even 'page one' of your worldview may need rewriting. Never stop exploring. Open yourself up to fresh perspectives. Never stop asking questions.

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