Thursday, April 10, 2008


What with reading Nelson Mandela's autobiography and the confirmation I'm going to Kenya later this year, news stories about Africa are grabbing my attention.

First there's the constant need at the mo to pray for clarity over Zimbabwe's future. Then this morning there was the very random news story that Gordon Brown appeared on American Idol ... to explain Britain's donating 20 million mosquito nets to 'malaria hit countries.' Here's a link to the video.

What really grabbed me in the emotions department was an article on the 24-7prayer website by an ordinary guy (ie. not a celebrity) on his visit to Zambia with his two sons. Here's the bit that hit me:

I wish you could have seen those forty, smiling children dancing around my two blonde boys singing ... I watched as Hudson and Danny’s innate Western suspicion (where did that come from?) began to evaporate in the Zambian sun and before long they too were dancing, singing along and laughing without worrying about looking cool (they didn’t!) It was a beautiful sight for a father to see, and it dawned on me that my children were being given permission by these children simply to be children again. ‘Who needs who?’ I wondered.

It’s hard to feel sorry for people who don’t feel sorry for themselves. These Zambian children find themselves alive without parents, living from day-to-day in a compound called Koloko, where there is no water and no electricity and precious little hope. But they are joyful!

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