Saturday, March 01, 2008

LOST - My personal testimony

I feel like a 'Lost' evangelist at the mo. Several friends around me have caught my enthusiasm as they borrow season 1 dvds.

I'm genuinely loving the start to season 4. Already there have been many 'wow' moments. It's the depth of the show that makes it so addictive. You can watch it on so many different levels. For example, it's often observed on the geeky websites, that one character, Sawyer, is regularly seen reading different classic books. The theme of each book links to the storyline in that episode.

And there is continuity. A recent twist in season 4 should not have been so shocking had we remembered a certain scene from season 1.

I'm also astounded that people can interpret Lost in so many different ways. There's a running theme of science v. faith in the show, which also seems to split the audience in how they view it. Which is a masterstroke of writing! Those who pick out the religious elements often miss the scientific links, and vice versa.

Interesting. Hmmm, I could go on but I'd better not bore you any more.

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