Monday, March 10, 2008

The Greatest Ever Varsity Pool Match

THE 2008 VARSITY POOL CHAMPIONS ARE CAMBRIDGE! It was a day to tell the grandkids about. Aruably the greatest ever Varsity Pool match. And it went something like this:

With 90 frames to play in all, 46 was the magical number to chase. Oxford imposed themselves from the off and after day 1 looked to be in control, holding a 31-23 lead overnight.

Cambridge needed to start day 2 strong and get back in contention. But once again Oxford were first out the blocks stretching the lead to 11, 35-24. Cambridge seemed doomed. As the frames ticked away, the gap didn't appear to be cut. Oxford were on the brink of victory.

But Cambridge dug deep and ground out a few frames that could have easily gone the other way. The tide turned in a flash. Having failed to reach the finishing line, fear set in for Oxford that the tactic of playing their strongest players early on in day 2 may have backfired.

Suddenly Cambridge believed the unthinkable could be possible. Oxford stalled on 43. Under enormous pressure the light blues chalked up the final 8 frames in a row to romp home 47-43. The celebrations were wild. What a comeback. And what a way for Cambridge to win their 3rd consecutive Varsity Pool Match!

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