Monday, February 11, 2008

Do you remember ... the 90s?

Studying Sociology is interesting cos you can relate it to your own experiences. Today we were thinking about youth, with the general idea that the period of youth is getting longer because of the greater need to have qualifications from further education.

One legacy our lecturer described standing out from 90s children is a lack of political involvement. I think that's because we don't like to think for ourselves. And partly that's because we were told what to think.

We watched the same tv programmes. Which means we liked the same stuff. We watched the same adverts. So we had the same crazes and fashions. We all clearly knew what was cool.

What's it like for children growing up now? Is it really any different? Does new media have an impact? We now have multi-channeled television so children may not all watch the same thing. We have the choice of millions of webpages to explore. The choice of millions of videos on YouTube. We can shape our own FaceSpace page. Advertising can now become much more individualised.

Or does it? In media terms, have we rejected our option of choice and individuality by deciding to all congregate in the same place of MyBook? After all it is nice to have common ground with people. At Uni we love the never-ending conversations of 'do you remember...pogs, sonic, adidas trousers...?'

Of course - How can you not remember them?

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