Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2008 BUSA Pool - The Outrageous Farce

Looking back at these events still fills me with outrage and disbelief:

Saturday - British University Pool Team event. Cambridge B team is on course to progress from the group stage. There is one match left. If we win or draw we're through. Lose and we're out.

Needing 5 frames to secure the necessary draw, we found ourselves 3-1 up and looking comfortable when the unthinkable happened. A referee came over to our match and announced he was awarding a 6-0 win to our opponents. Shock? Why? What had we done? Must be serious?

The reason - My stomach knots up as I type - the reason: I was wearing a t-shirt and the rest of the team were in polo shirts. Same colour, same logos. No collar.

What a farce! We argued for ages, pleading for some common sense. I hadn't even played a shot in the match yet so how could I be interfering? No response. We were out. The organisers had sent a team through to the quarter finals who hadn't actually won 1 match yet!!!

So cruel. Unjust even. The punishment did not fit the crime. The refs made a mockery of that National tournament. I was furious, argued but held it together and didn't raise my voice. How should you respond in a situation like that? Do you just have to accept the decision? Or protest and stand up for yourself?


Anonymous said...

Totally unfair! Why didn't they tell you before that you should be wearing a polo shirt? Or was it that you should all be wearing the same shirt?

Auntie C

Joel Gill said...

that's absolutely ridiculous pete... it sounds like you responded well to a situation that was utterly unfair!!