Monday, December 03, 2007

Is Santa Dangerous?

Christmas has been and gone in Cambridge Uni. Being in such a bizarre scenario makes it hard not to ask questions about the nature of the festive period. So here goes:

Why do we lie to the children of this country about a bearded man who visits every house in the night dropping off presents? It's a fun but also freeky idea.

What I'm concerned by is the time in every child's life where they discover Santa doesn't exist. It's all a con. The man who they've put so much hope and excitement into is a big fat lie. And most devastatingly (this is the biggy for me!) it's the adults closest to them, the ones they trust the most, that have been spinning the web of lies.

No wonder we're so sceptical as a nation; unable to believe in anything more than what we see or touch. Early experiences are so important to the formation of our personalities and just maybe...(?) having our trust and beliefs in Santa shattered, is enough to stop us putting our trust in anything or anyone else.


Anonymous said...

freaky not freeky.

That is all.

Helen said...

hey hey! i can now write on your blog. Santa is truely magic however with 5 children next door the amount of back tracking you have to do when yu put your foot in it is immense! but the threat of 'do you want coal for christmas' is a good'un.
bye pete hope you watched neighbours today xx