Wednesday, December 12, 2007

God/Boxes/Don't Put

Having made it into the prophetic books, my systematic plod through the Old Testament has entered the final straight. So far the journey has exclusively centred around one nation, Israel. The rest of the world will have to wait for Jesus and the dramatic events recorded in the New Testament.

Or so I thought. My eyebrows were raised when I read Jeremiah 35:18-19. Here it briefly describes another group of people, the Recabites, being accepted by God because of their good behaviour. It's a groundbreaking glimpse of the future - going against the current norm.

It's a reminder for me that even though I'm beginning to form a framework for understanding God and how he interacts with us, God does not become restricted by this framework. I shouldn't be surprised - but I probably will be - if God soon does something unexpected that breaks the mould I've put him in.

(Apology: Where I wrote 'mould' and 'framework' I should have put 'box'.)

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