Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Delirious Challenge to the Kingdom of Comfort

I'm off to see Delirious tonight and I know I'm guaranteed to witness an incredible performance.
But I also know there's more in store tonight than just a performance. Having read the following interview with the band I'm most excited about hearing brand new material off the not-yet-released new album:

SG: What do we think about our culture and how much we've got, and how right is it that some people have to live on a rubbish dump in Cambodia? All that kind of stuff is in there, and I think we're wrestling with it, and I don't think we've got many answers, and so on a lot of these songs, we're putting the challenge out there for us as much as anyone else.

MS: I know for myself that I've never been so emotional singing them, lines like "I thought I believed, but I just turned away from these souls living in this hell today". They're different lyrics from singing "now is the time for us to shine"; you know, it's a different emotion, a different headspace, and I think that there's definitely been some tears shed over this record.

I'm excited to hear what music has emerged from an incredible attitude like that. If you've never heard any Delirious stuff go to their website, where you can now hear all their previous albums from the last 15 years! Quite a back catalogue!!

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