Monday, October 22, 2007

Possibly my greatest ever footballing moment

'Brilliant. 3-2 victory over Downing III(from two goals down).
Goals:Eduardo (rebound off Pete A's crossbar shot)
Pete C (in box volley)
Greg S(long distance acute angle winner in last 5 mins)'

Above is an extract from the captains match report of the newly formed Homerton 4th team's first ever victory!

And I can hear you demanding, 'Pete, tell me more about your crossbar shot,' ... so if you insist it'd be rude not to really: I picked the ball up outside the box. Took a touch out of the feet. The defence backed off. Swung my right foot like I swing a golf club and off the ball went. It hovered in the air for a while before dipping onto the crossbar. With the keeper left helpless on the ground, the ball fell to Ed a yard out to tap into the empty goal. 2-1. Back in the game. Cue loud roars of c'mon!

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