Friday, September 07, 2007


Mum's got an internet connection by her hospital bed, so Mum, this one's for you. Hello! You're now cleared of cancer!!! We're all very proud of you.

It was a few weeks ago now when Mum checked out a small growth in her tongue. I haven't blogged about it partly because it was so surreal. Everything seemed normal. It was only when we saw Mum soon after she'd been operated on, that the severity of the situation finally hit home for me. That time was a real mixture of emotions. Cos while Mum was at her weakest and most vulnerable came the incredible realisation that she was healed. The biggest joy came with the discovery that Mum can still speak well ... and soon get back to singing. And she is already back to her usual friendly self.

Can't wait til you get home Mum. Looking forward to watching LOST with you.

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Cathy said...

Praise God for answering prayer!

When does she come out?