Monday, September 17, 2007

Anonymous poem left by cross

Them nails it was yeah it was
through your flesh and
well that whipping didn't help
they took delight it must
have been that
crown of thorns sharp painful
the final straw maybe or
the insults could have been that


Me no I would have run
hid lied I would have done
anything but face that


Me I don't understand


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Windo Wedding

My final wedding of the summer, and what a great way to cap it off. It was a deservedly superb big day for a DNA buddy I have much respect for.

Me and Tim love a good pun at Paul's expense and proudly amused ourselves all day after working out that the Windo is now 'Double-glazed.' hee hee. The best men were on our wavelength as well.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tour of 24/7 Room

Calling all fans of Facebook and fans of prayer. It's 3:30am. Let's go and pray. Click here to join me on an exploration of the 24/7 prayer room open this week in my home village.
As you explore the room why not pause the video at any zones that catch your eye, stop and pray yourself.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Mum's got an internet connection by her hospital bed, so Mum, this one's for you. Hello! You're now cleared of cancer!!! We're all very proud of you.

It was a few weeks ago now when Mum checked out a small growth in her tongue. I haven't blogged about it partly because it was so surreal. Everything seemed normal. It was only when we saw Mum soon after she'd been operated on, that the severity of the situation finally hit home for me. That time was a real mixture of emotions. Cos while Mum was at her weakest and most vulnerable came the incredible realisation that she was healed. The biggest joy came with the discovery that Mum can still speak well ... and soon get back to singing. And she is already back to her usual friendly self.

Can't wait til you get home Mum. Looking forward to watching LOST with you.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


On Sunday my home church will start to pray non-stop for a whole week. For the week we'll be uniting in prayer with about 18 other groups across 10 other countries, joining in with a movement that has been praying without ceasing now for 8 years. It's a challenge that will not work without corporate co-operation and yet the heart of it is individual intimacy with Jesus.
I have set myself the challenge of being there most nights because I want to pray for my mum who is currently having an operation. If any friends reading this fancy a last minute trip to a village in West Sussex next week, to join me in prayer, let me know.