Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The World Wide Web

As I sit at home in my comfy sofa tapping away at a keyboard, I'm amazed by how many of my friends are currently off round the world doing so many good things. These friends inspire me, and I hope to blog about what some of them have been up to over the next couple of days. In this post I want to offer some encouragement to those of you who are currently abroad, without your comfy home sofa.

All this reminds me of a meeting at City Life Church in Cambridge at the beginning of Summer. We had a time where we prayed for everyone travelling abroad this summer on some form of project. And there were more people receiving prayer than people praying!
Now that has to be a very different situation from just 10 years ago surely??? Has the internet had an impact on this, cos it obviously makes the world a smaller place? And the ultimate question to ask is what impact does this have Jesus' words of 'Go and make disciples of all nations...'?

Surely this is more possible now than at any other point in history. Now that's encouraging!

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