Thursday, August 09, 2007

World News With A Difference

Somewhere in this classic Kenyan Safari pic is pal and soon to be uni corridor neighbour, Andrew Jackson:
Andy's currently spending a whopping 3 months helping with Education in Kenya, so I just thought I'd take this moment to say all the sentimental stuff like 'we still miss you mate' and all that!

On Sunday I heard of some experiences that friends from my home church have also just had in Kenya. My local community have been raising money to build a school in a village called Pokot, and a team went out recently to open the school officially.
Other aspects of the trip included painting a mural on the school that a child in England had designed and connecting up water tanks which will collect rain water. This will enable easier access to cleaner drinking water. A farmer from home also lead a packed seminar where he gave tips to improve farming production in the village.

I'm amazed by how these simple things will make such a lasting difference to the area. But on the teams return, the thing that struck me most is how much the peeps had brought back from the Kenyans. And I don't just mean the generous gifts! The team had been moved to discover a joy - rare to this country - inside people that struggle to find enough food to eat. On Sunday we saw a video of when the team first arrived, and the welcome they got was quite simply overwhelming - for over 2 miles the dusty tracks into the village were full of people dancing and singing!

wow. Now that is world news that puts a smile on your face!

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