Friday, August 24, 2007

Is there Hope for Change?

Having driven through Croxteth just last Sunday, the recent tragic headlines have particularly saddened me. Politicians have reacted by highlighting deep rooted problems in societies across the UK. People are asking, is there hope for change?

Yesterday the Bishop of Liverpool is quoted as saying, '...people have got to come together in their community groups ... where people can voice together their determination that they will not tolerate this sort of behaviour. The tide of lawlessness can turn only when people come forward.'

In 2005 I got involved with Merseyfest which brought young people together to display hope through practical community action. As I manned a free bouncy castle, I was given a small small glimpse into the needs of the area and the difference that communities coming together could make. However two years on I find myself asking, 'Did one week in the summer really have a lasting impact?' It just feels like a drop in the ocean.

Confronted with that thought, Mother Teresa told a reporter, 'But the ocean is made of many drops.'

In 2008 people all over the UK are getting together for a massive initiative aptly named, 'HOPE 08.' It's going to be a year full of local projects to put a smile on the face of communities everywhere. The cry is, 'Do more. Do it together. Do it in word and action.'

Recent events have highlighted just how important it is to switch off our TVs and get involved. There is hope.

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