Friday, August 03, 2007

How to make a bloke emotional and in need of Mum.

I never thought I’d ever go to a game as big as Liverpool v. Chelsea. I’d just assumed it’d be too hard to get tickets. Pictured here are tickets from the last 2 reds games I got to: Bradford and West Ham 6 and 7 years ago! But as I phoned up the ticket office at the very time that tickets went on sale I knew I had as good a chance as anyone. After 20 minutes of dialling and redialling I got through to the queuing system. As my queuing position counted down from 96 I began to get very excited and nervous; I was on the brink of going to this massive match!
After 40 mins queuing, I actually made it through to a real person! I asked for 4 tickets and started to give them my details. And then the lady on the end of the phone went quiet. ‘Is that OK?’ I said. No answer. I was no where near completing the transaction yet. And then I heard the sound of the phone line getting disconnected!
Ahh! I started panting heavily in disbelief. No. No. No. No. No. This can’t be happening. I felt sick, no exaggeration.
I would have to wait at least another hour before I got to the front of the queue again and surely they’d be sold out by then. I gave up and began to tell myself that I’d been stupid to have dreamed of going to such a big game.
Half an hour later my Mum decided to give it one last go. Instead of phoning the ticket office she phoned customer services to complain that her devastated son had been cut off. She didn’t tell them her son was 21!
And they put her through to buy tickets! We’re going to Liverpool v. Chelsea!!!!! I’m so happy. All because Mum came to the rescue!

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