Friday, August 17, 2007

Bono - Hypocrite??

I've just got hold of a bargain autobiography of U2, and as it's been a while since Bono made a guest appearance on this blog, I thought I'd share a short extract from it. Bono is one of the few celebrities out there that I want to aspire to. It makes me laugh that so many accuse him of being a hypocrite, because in my mind it's his openness about his inabilities that makes him such a worthy role model. And in these words we are given privileged access to the core of what makes him tick:
Your nature is a very hard thing to change; it takes times. One of the extraordinary transferences that happens in your spiritual life is not that your character flaws go away but they start to work for you. A negative becomes a positive: you've a big mouth: you end up a singer ...
I have heard of people having life changing, miraculous turn-arounds, people set free from addiction after a single prayer...But it was not like that for me. For all that 'I was lost, I am found' it is probably more accurate to say, 'I was really lost, I'm a little less so at the moment.' And then a little less and a little less again. That to me is the spiritual life. The slow reworking and rebooting of a computer, reading the small print of the service manual. It has taken years, though, and it's not over yet.'

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