Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer Blast 2007 - The Highlights

Freedom was the key to this years Summer Blast in North Cambridge after the masterstroke decision was made to scrap all previous timetables and organised activities.
Which freed us up for what ever we felt inspired to do on each day. Some went to visit people, others offered to tidy gardens, others played music and the rest handed out free food.
Gone this year was the massive marquet which meant stressful stewarding was off the agenda! But some great minds had the hilarious idea of bringing back a (slightly smaller) tent for one last time. The young guys were then challenged to get past mock stewards and break into they loved to do in previous years!
From the same brains that brought us the mini tent game then came the absolute highlight of the week. Having purchased a caravan for £50 the young peeps were then given the chance of a life time to go spray painting crazy! They loved it ... The caravan has since been destroyed into a small cube of metal.
And when the fun was over we still found ways to entertain ourselves!
Oh, and during the week it rained a lot! Didn't spoil a great week though. Mike is reppin. Arbury Soldier. YEAH!

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