Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Gospel According to Travis

The new album from Travis hasn't made much of an impact on the album charts but as a fan of their previous stuff I thought it'd be worth a try. Travis' previous album had, for me, been disappointingly anger filled for the normally optimistic group, but when I read about what the band had been through before making that record, it was a more than understandable outpouring of pain. This time around I'm pleased to report Travis seem to have found a renewed hope out of their pain. One album track puts it like this:
'One night. Can change everything in your life.
One night. Can make everything alright.
One night. Can turn all your colours to white.
One night. It's easier said than done.'

Or is this not renewed hope? The last line here made me stop and think. Have Travis just undermined what they've just stated? Do they now actually think the above 3 lines are just empty promises; unattainable cravings??

But as I thought about it I realised that the very core of what I believe about the Boss of the Universe - the one we've tagged 'God' - is that He promises to 'change everything in your life' and, are you ready for this ... it is 'easier said than done.'
That's because, I believe, you no longer have to do a long list of actions correctly before the transforming promise becomes a reality.
Instead, your Creator, simply longs to hear you utter some meaningful heartfelt words, that go something like, 'THANK YOU. SORRY. PLEASE.'

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