Saturday, July 28, 2007

Momentum 07 - The Pics

Thursday, July 26, 2007

MOMENTUM 07 - Trying to do it justice

I've been trying to work out how to sum up Momentum in a few words. I could tell you about the weather, I could tell you about the food, the friends, or the showers, or the coffees I drunk, or what I learnt, or the bands I saw, or how high I jumped.

But that wouldn't do it justice. What will really stay with me after my time in Shepton Mallett is witnessing, yet again, God at work. It's witnessing healings and forgiveness before my very eyes, that will really stick with me.

And even then I can't really explain it. I can't really explain what happens to people when they let go of pains that they've buried inside for years. But it does remind me once again of the how God's healing transformations have impacted me. And a few years on from those massively releasing experiences, it reminds me of how utterly convinced I am in God's ability to totally change lives for good.

They're the kind of - there is more than this material world - experiences that a character in Heroes might have.
There we go - I've slipped in a topical TV reference in a desperate attempt to show I'm still down wid da kids!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's Summer Festival Time - UK Style

I'm off to Momentum for a few days and if the weather reports are to be trusted, it looks like I'm going to need my wellies!

In recognition of the 5 eagerly anticipated days ahead of me, I've got a Soul Survivor CD recommendation for you:
If you're the kind of person that has two or three 'Christian' CDs tucked away in your music collection then I reckon the new one from Tim Hughes should be allowed to muscle its way in there. I know you might need further convincing but I promise you it's a top notch listen.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Gospel According to Travis

The new album from Travis hasn't made much of an impact on the album charts but as a fan of their previous stuff I thought it'd be worth a try. Travis' previous album had, for me, been disappointingly anger filled for the normally optimistic group, but when I read about what the band had been through before making that record, it was a more than understandable outpouring of pain. This time around I'm pleased to report Travis seem to have found a renewed hope out of their pain. One album track puts it like this:
'One night. Can change everything in your life.
One night. Can make everything alright.
One night. Can turn all your colours to white.
One night. It's easier said than done.'

Or is this not renewed hope? The last line here made me stop and think. Have Travis just undermined what they've just stated? Do they now actually think the above 3 lines are just empty promises; unattainable cravings??

But as I thought about it I realised that the very core of what I believe about the Boss of the Universe - the one we've tagged 'God' - is that He promises to 'change everything in your life' and, are you ready for this ... it is 'easier said than done.'
That's because, I believe, you no longer have to do a long list of actions correctly before the transforming promise becomes a reality.
Instead, your Creator, simply longs to hear you utter some meaningful heartfelt words, that go something like, 'THANK YOU. SORRY. PLEASE.'

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer Blast 2007 - The Highlights

Freedom was the key to this years Summer Blast in North Cambridge after the masterstroke decision was made to scrap all previous timetables and organised activities.
Which freed us up for what ever we felt inspired to do on each day. Some went to visit people, others offered to tidy gardens, others played music and the rest handed out free food.
Gone this year was the massive marquet which meant stressful stewarding was off the agenda! But some great minds had the hilarious idea of bringing back a (slightly smaller) tent for one last time. The young guys were then challenged to get past mock stewards and break into they loved to do in previous years!
From the same brains that brought us the mini tent game then came the absolute highlight of the week. Having purchased a caravan for £50 the young peeps were then given the chance of a life time to go spray painting crazy! They loved it ... The caravan has since been destroyed into a small cube of metal.
And when the fun was over we still found ways to entertain ourselves!
Oh, and during the week it rained a lot! Didn't spoil a great week though. Mike is reppin. Arbury Soldier. YEAH!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer Blast 07 - Kings Hedges Got Talent!

Whilst the weekdays carried much excitement and stories to tell, my role for the Summer Blast 2007 was to help sort out the weekend activities. On the Sunday we put on a big free fun day, and it felt so rewarding to see the weeks work come together successfully. The fun included an ice cream van, candy floss, bouncy castles, cheesy costumes, bbq, and the variety show, 'Kings Hedges Got Talent.'
And here's a few pics from the day that would have even made Simon Cowell happy: