Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just Be Like Everyone Else???

There's something about the latest Carling adverts that irritates me. I'm sure you've seen them. The tag is 'Belong' which yeah, is probably an ok message in itself. But the thing that irritates me is that to belong it seems that you must be like everyone else.
All this reminds me of the current Reverends and the Makers single, that I find myself singing all day. The lyrics talk of a battle between a desire and dream to stand out against the demands of everyday life. After much struggle it seems that the 'Reverends' conclude, 'just be like everyone else.'

He's compromising
At least he's got a job for life
Get born, get school, get job, get car
Pay tax and find a wife
And on that note
The end can't come too soon
If you're not living on the edge
You take up too much room

At school he used to dream about
Being Bruce Lee
But the need for chops in the Manor top
Aint all that great you see
And so he gave up
On his black belt and first Dan
As near as he got to China
Was a week in Camber sands

I could've been a contender
Could've been a someone
Caught up in the rat race
And feeling like a no-one
Appearing in the papers
With the money and the girls
I could've been The Heavyweight Champion of the World

It might be boring so boring
It might put you to sleep
The same old routine repeats week after week
And you work harder, work harder
Cos you're told that you must
And you must earn a living
And you must earn a crust

...like everybody else
Just be like everybody else
Just be like everybody else
Be like everybody else
Be like everybody else
Just be like everybody else

As I sing the song the repeated conclusion saddens me. With God, we know that we must stand out. 'Do not conform ... but be transformed...' and all that. God even promises to help us do it. That doesn't mean we won't still struggle with the everyday stuff that the Reverend and the Makers sing about. But at least we do not have to reach the same conclusion of 'just be like everyone else.'

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