Friday, June 01, 2007

A Good Day

Today is a good day for our nation - David Beckham will once again put on an England shirt.

I really didn't think it would happen again and I'm so so pleased that it is. That's because, and I'm being dead serious now, I have tremendous respect for the guy.
It's the way he's taken so much abuse and criticism over the years and just taken it all in his stride, and made himself into a thoroughly decent chap, as a footballer, father and husband. In my mind he's a great man to have as a role model to millions.
Take this season as an example - you could see he was upset about being dropped for England but he always maintained that he'd love to play again and never once said a bad word about McClaren.

Yes, this is something I feel strongly about and have done for several years. And that's why today is a good day.

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