Thursday, May 10, 2007

Digging into the Archives

Having made my YouTube debut on Tuesday I was inspired to trawl through my video making archives. So today I'm digging out one of my faves. It's the highlights of a great week in the Summer of 2004 back in the day when we were still able to call ourselves youth! What an experience it was to join in with the incredible events of Soul in the city in London. Great memories I'm sure you'll agree. It's 7 mins long so grab a cuppa and a rich tea and enjoy.

What strikes me first is that somehow I was the only bloke in our youth group. How did that happen? How did I cope?! (While we're on the subject I do feel now is a good time to apologise for filming you guys early in the morning - poor form!)

And the other thing that strikes me is how much youthful enthusiasm we had ... and that even though we can no longer call ourselves youth (sob) we must hang on to the same enthusiasm as much as possible.

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