Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Rare Book Review

It's time for a rare treat for fans of 'Walk On.' It's time for a book review. I'd like to recommend to you 'God on mute' by Pete Greig, which describes itself as 'engaging the silence of unanswered prayer'. It's not out quite yet in the UK but I cheekily grabbed myself a US copy (where mum is spelt 'mom' and cricket has to be explained) for research purposes.

'God on mute' is such a refreshing book tackling issues which people normally like to push under the carpet, yet everyone has to confront to some extent. It is written with a great mixture of brutally honest emotional experiences alongside a rich deep theology. (Emotion and thinking - what a combination)

Most books about God should increase your understanding of God. Well, the biggest compliment and thanks I can give this book is that I think my understanding of God hasn't just increased, but matured.
Now I hope that this understanding doesn't just stay in my head but becomes involved in my everyday experiences. That's the hope anyway.

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