Sunday, April 29, 2007

The New Exercise Book Prayer

Last night I asked for a new exercise book.

Recently God has once again been gradually slipping down my list of priorities and the realisation of this reached a head last night at a 24-7prayer launch night. Even the prospect of a University wide prayer week was only registering 'alright I spose I'd better go' on my excitement radar. I sat there going, 'God why are you ignoring me?' and the 'reply' was, 'I'm not. You're just not listening.'

So I prayed for a fresh start. Someone once described this to me as the new exercise book prayer. You know, how when you got a new exercise book at school and the first page you wrote was always incredibly neat. You put so much effort into it. But gradually everything gets rushed, the writing slips off the lines, the letters don't join up and it just looks like a mess.

Thankfully my God doesn't work to a budget. Amazingly my God has an infinite supply of new exercise books in his cupboard. And he loves handing them out.

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