Monday, March 26, 2007

Some thoughts for Freedom Day

So yesterday was marked as 'Freedom Day' to remember the abolition of 200 years ago. From all the recent media coverage the aspect that's stood out for me is how much Wilberforce had to carry this vision and persist with it. As he tackled a social norm of his time Wilberforce unsurprisingly started off with hardly any support. But he chose to stand out, make sacrifices and be different. It took a very long time for his dream to come to fruition and he must have experienced many times when he thought it would never actually happen. But through the doubts and frustrations he chose not to give up hope.

As Liverpool Football Club would put it Wilberforce 'walked on through the wind and the rain'. I guess that's the example we should follow. As studenty types we probably haven't experienced much of this. In fact we've probably had it easy. But if we want to make a difference like Wilberforce, in whatever way, then we've got to be prepared for it to get tough. But we've also got to be prepared to not give up hope.

That'll do for today.

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