Monday, March 12, 2007

'Hope, Belief and Solidarity' - A short story by Steven Gerrard

'Outside, that huge electronic scoreboard that read 'Maldini 1, Crespo 39, 44' stared at our fans. Proof of Liverpool's terrible performace was written large up there. ... Yet against all the odds, against all the evidence of Milan's solidarity, our fans were singing loud and proud. 'Listen' I said to the players. 'Listen to that.' The singing of 40,000 Liverpool supporters floated down the tunnel, into the dressing roomand into our hearts.
Unbelievable. Liverpool were 3-0 down, being thrashed by Kaka and Crespo, and our fans were singing 'You'll Never Walk Alone.'All the players looked at each other in amazement, and pride. 'They haven't given up on us,' I shouted 'so we can't give up either.' By singing 'You'll Never Walk Alone', the fans sent a message to eleven shattered men in the dressing-room: the fans will be with you, through the wind and the rain, through times of adversity like this. No matter how much the players hurt, we'd never walk alone. Our fans were with us. Together. Their message was to play for some respect, play for pride in the shirt. 'The fans are with us,' I said. 'Let's give them something to sing about. They've spent loads of money. They're singing our name and we are getting stuffed 3-0. If we get one, they'll get behind us even more. That will help put another one in for us. Come on, let's have a go!'

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