Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Television v. People

Do you know what I mean by the little quotes that you get in diaries or on calenders etc? Does anyone else find them a little bit irritating, because you expect them to be profound or humorous, yet they're normally not.

Well this weeks quote in my diary actually made me stop and think cos it's about something I feel quite strongly about : not getting addicted to TV, not assuming TV situations are real life or at the very least not planning your social life around TV schedules.
In 1938, before TV schedules were even about Alan Coren apparently wrote,
'Television is more interesting than people. If it were not we should have people standing in the corner of our rooms.

...And whilst on the subject of TV, LOST is back this Sunday. Also don't miss the catch up of the 3rd series every night this week at 11pm on Sky One.

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