Friday, January 12, 2007

What makes a heroic man?

I got Mission Impossible 3 on DVD for xmas and having watched it again I became intrigued by some similar traits with the new Bond film. Basically both main characters show vulnerability and a sensitive side. They also are also dependent on their respective girls to save them from death.
Is that how we like our heroes now? Is this more realistic? Is it more acceptable now for tough men to be dependent and show vulnerability/sensitivity? Does it in fact make them stronger and more of a man?

This then got me thinking about my image of my ultimate hero - ie. Jesus. In some ways it's easy to think of him as untouchable, knowing everything and in control. But in my mind this is far from the full story. Jesus certainly showed sensitivity and a dependency on others. There were tears shed, and a vulnerability which lead to a sacrifice for others. That shows an inner strength and toughness that James Bond and Ethan Hunt couldn't even begin to get near.

Do you agree?

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