Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back to Brilliant Bay

I've just spent a few days in my 3rd home of Herne Bay and I want to give a big thanks to Nick and Don & Mary for letting me stay. Every time I go back I never fail to be inspired and leave the place buzzing. There's so many memories that come back of supportive and encouraging friends, being surrounded by role models, adventures and rising to challenges. And when I go back every so often it's always so refreshing to find things don't change.
In fact exciting things keep moving on. Sunday was great to hear about what Julie and Cassey are up to in Malaysia, along with seeing so many people there. And then it was a privilege to meet and chat to Abdoulie, the DNAer from Gambia in Herne Bay this year, who heard about DNA when Beth, Ben and others travelled out there in the summer!

Yep, that's why it was a special few days. And it's left me ready and raring to go for my new term in Cambridge.

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