Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We are all celebrities

We are all celbrities. But, nope this isn't a post bigging us up and saying we're all special etc. This is merely an observation about so called 'social networking' websites such as 'Facebook,' or 'MySpace'.

Gone are the days when I'd wake up to see how a movie or pop star has recently embarassed themselves. Now I wake up to see the pictures of how my friends have recently embarassed themselves.

It's also no longer possible to have different identities in different places. For example, if I take my homes to be Steyning, Herne Bay and Cambridge, everyone has access to the same photos on the web. I'm not saying your identity on your web is definitive but pics do speak loudly. And that's before we think about videos on YouTube.

But if there's a serious point to be made here it's that there's never been a time where living differently would stand out so much - there's such a need to live with honesty and integrity. It's definitely no longer possible to pretend to be super-spiritual on a Sunday morning and act differently the rest of the week.

I'm not saying we should go and hide in a box for fear of having our photo taken. The key words I used were 'honesty' and 'integrity'.

Right now I'm off to delete some photos.

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