Saturday, December 30, 2006

My Top 10 Blogging Thoughts of 2006

It's time to bring 2006 to a close and in keeping with all the best TV shows it's time to look back at Walk On's highlights of the year. As I was trawling through the months of writings I realised that my favourite posts fitted into 2 categories. The 1st are the more thoughtful posts where some topic or idea has gripped me, and then I've simply jotted down my observations and posed a few questions. The 2nd - the real HIGHLIGHTS of the year - are the events and people.

I'll start today with the thoughtful posts and finish tomorrow - to celebrate New Year's Eve - with Pete's blogging story board of 2006.
So for now grab yourself a hot chocolate with cream and marshmellows, put your thinking cap on and open your mind (he says with tongue in cheek and a mischievous smirk) to Pete's top 10 thoughts of 2006. Just click on the links below and enjoy.

The Moshing Jesus
Why Walk On?
Please excuse me while I have a little rant
Take a glorious bite out of the whole world
It's here!! A footballing feast is here
So I start talking about God and always end up with footy!
Impossible is nothing
The Birth of Santa

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