Sunday, December 24, 2006

The 2006 AW Spoons Championship

Have you ever played the wonderful game that is Spoons? It wouldn't be xmas at home without the annual Spoons Championship with our next door neighbours. It's competitive, violent and guaranteed to bend spoons, tear tablecloths and draw blood. This year saw chairs flying across the room for the first time. Nearly every year I lose out in the final to Alex, a Spoons Grand Master, but this year (in what must be the 9th Championship) it was to be a very different story.
In a dramatic turn of events Alex lost a split seconds cutting edge for just a few minutes and crashed out in 4th place. Leaving me to beat my Dad in the final and claim the title that I've longed to win for so many years. The years of hurt are over. I am the 2006 AW Spoons Champion!

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Anonymous said...

merry christmas pete! good seeing you last night. sorry we were all a bit drunk and banterious!
have a good one!