Friday, November 10, 2006

Please excuse me while I just ponder a few thoughts

Last night I lead through a discussion on the hugely important question on, 'Did Jesus rise from the dead?' Now practically it all went well, but yet I have no idea really how it actually went. What I mean is, how do I know whether people enjoyed themselves? How do I know whether people's views were challenged? How do I know whether people didn't just go away thinking Pete's a bit ... whatever?
Does anyone else feel like this when they lead things? I've never really done much of this before and think what I'm learning is it's so much easier to be on the other side of the fence and criticise and think about how you could do things so much better. Like being a bit funnier or cooler etc. Yet when I've come to actually leading things I haven't been able to be funny or cool etc. cos I'm too worried about getting the main points across. Maybe it's just something that comes with experience, and when I relax into it more? Or maybe it really doesn't matter?
Anyone got any advice out there?

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