Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fantastic Feeling

I had so much fun at 'The Feeling' last night. The best bit was quite simply singing along at the top of my voice but other unexpected highlights included a surprise rendition of 'Video killed the radio star' and a catchy song off their next album.
I'm pleased to report that 'The Feeling' have a good live performance and got the crowd involved well. The scissor kicking of the drum cymbals was fun as well!

I wouldn't be doing my journalistic blog job properly though if I didn't warn you about the support act called Luke Toms. He was this guy pictured below with the top hat and had a stupid moustache. Now, I do not have a musical ear, but even I could tell that he could not sing! It was painful. However when he wasn't singing, the songs and band were actually quite good. So if they ever make it big after his singing's been altered by a computer it'd be a travisty ... but a realistic possibility of a travisty.

Anyways a good fun 8 out of 10 for 'The Feeling.' We now await eagerly the all important second album.

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