Monday, November 20, 2006

32 - An Epic Day of Pool

Yesterday I played 32 competitive games of pool. I was playing in the Cambridge University Pool Tournament and remarkably managed to reach the final. I should have lost in the first round but my opponent fluffed it up and I was thankful for another opportunity. Then I really played some of my best ever pool to knock out 2 members of the Cambridge Uni 1st Team winning 5-2 and 6-1. In the final I played the captain of the Uni 1st Team and lost 7-0! oops. But a really good day for me. I won some money but most importantly I now might be considered to play in the Cambridge team. Exciting.

Homerton pool team also played last night at Fitzwilliam College and it was a match of high drama. We were 4-1 down but sensationally against-all-odds turned it round to win 5-4. The decisive frame went to the black and was won by Mark with a terrific long shot along the cushion. Cue wild celebrations!

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